Generations of FLEX

Tiblisi ALumni2Nino Zurabishvili is a 1996 FLEX Alumna from Georgia and now works as the Deputy Chief of Gori City Council. Today, she celebrates the FLEX year of her daughter, Salome!

“I participated in FLEX in 1996. It was the first time that FLEX went out to regions and I was the first participant from Gori. It was in the States that I first felt the importance of personal freedom. I was even surprised to see how much Americans respect the personal space of others and I wanted to raise my child with these values. 19 years have passed and now my daughter, Salome Kechkhuashvili, is a FLEX program participant. Today she is living near Houston, Texas and every time I talk to her, I realize how she sees and values the same things that had a profound impact on my personal development years ago. I am happy that today, just like me, she has to independently deal with daily issues and take responsibility. It is one thing to be proud of your own achievements, but for every mother, her child’s success brings twice as much happiness.” – Nino Zurabishvili