Pre-Departure Orientations

Get ready to welcome the 2016-2017 FLEX students to the United States! For the first time, students from Romania, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania will be taking part in FLEX! All FLEXers recently prepared for their year abroad at pre-departure orientations across Europe and Eurasia.

Eliza C., FLEX Country Representative in Romania, had this to share after the country’s first-ever pre-departure orientation:

“Dear USA, they are ready for you!

Ready to experience new things, to make new friends, to discover the American culture and to create awesome memories. They come to you with great expectations, big dreams, positive energy, enthusiasm and lots of curiosity. Be great, America! As you have always been. Give our FLEXers the opportunity to be surprised by your diversity, your creativity and values. Offer them wonderful experiences and then send them home eager to positively impact their communities. Romania needs youth leaders to shape her future and get things done properly- may these FLEXers be the leaders we need.

FLEXers, make this the best experience of your life so far!”

ro group

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