What FLEX means to me, by Victoria B., ‘15, Moldova

What do you think of when you hear the word FLEX? To me, this program is a life-changing experience and it makes you grow so much spiritually. You become a totally different person and you develop such skills that you never thought you could be capable of.

As a handicapped person, the FLEX experience and the U.S. itself proved and showed me that I’m stronger than I thought. I can do a lot of great things for me and my society. This program also taught me that dreams DO come true! I have seen so many beautiful and breath-taking things and have experienced a whole different lifestyle.

My advice to the next year’s students is that if they get homesick, they shouldn’t stay locked in their rooms and call back home. Instead, they should make new friends, join clubs, do different activities and try to spend as much time with their host family as possible, because at the end of your experience, you will cherish every single moment spent together and you will miss America a lot. As they say, “You cherish the moment only when you lose it.” Take the best out of everything you’ve been gifted with until it’s too late.